What car are you driving?

We are driving our own car, a 2016 make 1.4 liter ACT engine 150 ps Skoda Superb we bought second hand.

Since Fulya is sitting in the back seat beside our baby, it was important that the leg space for her was enough. This car is really Superb in that matter 🙂

Fuel consumption?

The lowest fuel consumption for us was when driving from Fonyod to Budapest, 5.4 l/100 km.

However, our average so far is 7.0 l/100km.

How about the budget?

To be honest, we don’t have a clear-cut budget. Our expected budget is around € 6.000,00. We hope to remain within this budget.

What do you eat?

We prefer to stay at apartment style accommodations so we have our own kitchen.

In the mornings we make scrambled eggs with various ingredients we find in the local markets and prepare sandwiches for the day. In the evenings we prepare a traditional Turkish soup called Tarhana, whose ingredient we have with us, besides a main dish which again differs from country to country.

Eating in is way cheaper than eating out in Europe, so this keeps our costs much lower.

How long do your drives take?

Since we are with our baby boy, we prefer to limit our daily driving time to 3-4 hours max. However, there has been drives that took longer.

Isn’t it difficult to be on the road with a baby?

Sure is. However, as any difficulty, you manage to overcome it.

At first, it was more difficult, for us and for the baby. But now, we just got accustomed to the routine and are easily coping with it.

There are times when we don’t do anything in a city or just change plans because our baby wouldn’t feel comfortable. Our priority is our baby. So, will do anything to make him more comfortable.

Don’t you miss your home?

We asked this question to ourselves several times, and each time the answer was “No!” 🙂  Traveling with your family is fun and you never get bored, so you don’t have time to miss your home 🙂

Any second road trip you are planning?

Can’t say we are planning now, but we do have something in mind. This time traveling to Nordkapp, approaching from Russia and coming back through Denmark, a roughly 15.000 km travel. Let’s see when we’ll do it 🙂

How about insurance? Are you covered?

Well, that’s a yes and a no.

We have the travel insurance required by the Schengen Visa applications, but that only covers emergency situations. We hope we will NOT need it. For our baby, we had to make several visits to pediatricians for regular controls and vaccinations and had to pay everything from our own pocket.

On the other hand, for our car, we have the Green Card Insurance, which is basically the International Motor Insurance, a third party insurance obligatory in most European countries. We also added European coverage to our car insurance.

And if you are curious about for how we managed to deal with the insurances, look no further than MDA Insurance, my dear friend Işıl Ateş. Thanks to her enormous efforts, every process with our insurances has been perfectly smooth.